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Bird Flex Electric Scooter

Bird Flex Electric Scooter

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The Bird Flex is a robust personal e-scooter that’s built for a smooth and comfortable ride anywhere, anytime. With front wheel suspension to absorb shock, a longer platform and a wide base, the Bird Flex provides stability, comfort, and the ultimate freedom to ride electric.

Powerful 350-Watt Motor

15 Mile / 25 km Range

15 MPH / 25 KPH Max Speed

LED Display
An LED screen clearly displays speed and battery life in real time.

Built for Comfort
A longer platform and wide base make the Flex extremely comfortable and easy-to-ride.

Fold and Go
Featuring a compact design, Bird Flex folds with an easy, one-click folding mechanism.

Shock Absorption
Front wheel suspension absorbs shock for a smooth and steady ride on rough surfaces.

Regenerative Braking
Electric regenerative braking, with added mechanical brakes, helps keep your speed in check and gives your battery a little bit of extra charge.
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